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School Events Dances & Proms

Are you tired of having a School Dance flops ?
Or Are You Just Raising Money For a Great Cause at your School ?  

Well, then pick up the phone and give Mirage Entertainment a call! With over twenty years of experience, we have performed at many schools. As a Performer DJ, MC and Event Motivator of Some Current schools in the Stanislaw’s area and as far as King City in Salinas area, covering the Central Valley to Bay Area Just about all over California. We have performed for Proms, Fundraisers, Jog –a Thon’s and Fall Fairs and so much more.

School Dance DJ MIRAGE Entertainment

MIRAGE -prom-2010

We have performed for High Students, Junior/Middle School and Elementary at all Levels and events for many years. Usually during Fundraisers,Dances , Homecoming , Prom's or event it is always important for the students that we will do everything to meet both yours and their expectations when providing DJ services for your school .Usually at the start ofevery school year, Students and faculty both begin to search for that perfect DJ for the year's dances and events.

The students usually look for the DJ who brings the newest hit songs, biggest to loudest Speakers. We are always Careful as some ears are still developing and music should be enjoyable not hard or too loud and we do know it’s a party and know the right volume to the right hall size with a kick.


We do enjoy lots of Lighting as all kids do per the right event we believe lighting should be a great display. Yet as your search continues usually as a PTC, PTA, faculty, or School it is just begins looking for the right Responsible DJ. A DJ that can be intuitive yet TheExciting Company who is going to be Responsible, Reliable, Licensed Insured and hopefully not too Expensive of course as money is always to keep the ball rolling to the next event. 

(Example)Having The right Interaction from a DJ/MC at lunch time for A Pre events Sale Can Sell Event Tickets for the grand event. But Does the DJ/MC Licensed Insured Company you called Offer you a Reasonable package?

We Do Understand More then Just our Presence and music, That's What makes us different. We understand the importance of slow dances, especially at Proms. We can provide you with a list of Most Requested songs. We also provide you with an entertainer MC who knows what you want and your goals are for your event. We do know that from Experience, Consultation, and have helped lots of schools have a great event and Fundraiser

School Dance DJ MIRAGE Entertainment

For the Students, We are "in-touch" with all the current music & we bring a variety for all tastes. We gladly take suggestion requests, before or during current themed events always keeping up with up to date music and keep do keep it radio edited clean music. For the Faculty, We have professionally entertained for School dances since 1990.


We are aware of inappropriate songs that should not be played due to language or content. We monitor moshing (slam dancing), freak dancing, body surfing, stage diving, and other inappropriate activities. At Mirage Entertainment we are professional DJ’s & MC’s. We always carry the largest selection of music available. From Dance Music, Top 40, Hip Hop, Rap, Rock, Alternative, Country, and so much more, We bring a great sound system that fills your room.

With Amazing intelligent lighting or Led Low wattage Consumption depending on your event,we keep the electric bill down yet cool and safe. As L.E.D is Vibrant and Elegant it is Fabulous in color when selected right and dosecontrast an amazing show of displays of colors for your Event, Multi-Purpose Room/ Hall, Gym, or Just Dance floor.


So let your next formal dance

or grad party be one that everyone will remember !

Give ''Mirage Entertainment ''a call!

(650) 906-1765

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