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How do we price your Event ?


This is a common question because it depends on several factors including date of the event, Type of Event, Location, Duration of time you need us, Is your event a wedding or do you need two Disc Jockey Systems ? If you would like us there early, to assure everything is ready to go before your guests arrive? Another variable is The size of the hall will determine the type of system your event will require .

qsc speakers[1] MIRAGE ENT DJ&MC

Just a Thought if the DJ System is to small you can't hear it. If the DJ system its to big it will be to loud your guest will end up yelling instead of chatting and most likely your guest will end up outside. Who Wants the DJ to take over the hall, with all the unneeded space of speakers. I've heard this Mistake happen way to much having the right sound for the right event is important.

We have been doing this professionally for along time let us peace the Variables to get you a great package to assure you pay for only what you need.

Why pay for what you don’t need right

Call for the most accurate quote

to the package you require..

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